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Ini Caranya Merawat Pakaian Katun Anda

Clothing with a comfortable cotton and light always favored Indonesian society. Known as the cotton fabric can absorb sweat, not hot when worn and comfortable when worn. Relatively affordable price is a favorite to fill the wardrobe of all family members. Although prices tend to be cheaper and easier to maintain, do not neglect to take care of cotton fabrics. 

Cotton fabric has its own maintenance in order to remain durable and comfortable to wear for long periods. Here are some tips that will Vemale share for you. Easy, practical and you can certainly do.

Wear in the dry season

You need to know exactly when the right time to use cotton underwear with this. Because cotton is a material that absorbs light and wind, the exact time when the dry season is rich with bright sunlight. Use of the rainy season will quickly damage the fabric and make the colors so faded.

Give double stitching on cotton underwear

Stitching on cotton fabric usually the most alarming compared to other clothing materials. Repeat the stitching on your clothes so you do not fast cotton cloth torn from the seam. Due to the frequent use in the dry season, cotton definitely will not be separated from the name of sweat and deodorant former. Noda will usually look at the armpit and arm. If there are traces of visible stains on your cotton clothing, immediately soak first.

Wash with detergent correct

Cotton fabric is smooth, but you can wash it with detergent wear that can be used to wash all kinds of clothes. In order to more easily lift the stain, select 2x liquid detergent that works more effectively than detergent powder. Less suitable detergent will make your color quickly faded cotton clothes. Compared with detergent powder, liquid detergent is much more effective in cleaning stubborn stains though. Its use is not devoted to any special or expensive clothes, but can be used for daily wear your family, ranging from school uniforms, work clothes, towels, clothes and even your party. 

With a liquid detergent bottle cap only you, can wash clothes as much as 15-20, which means the same as the use of detergent powder in large quantities. Begin turning to the use of products such as liquid detergents and Rinso Rinso Molto Ultra Liquid Liquid that soften your clothes.

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